Reasons To Switch Your Pool Heating Supply

The Pentair MasterTemp 400 has really proven itself as one of the most sought after and wisest investments when it comes to the pool heating. If you are already a pool owner you are probably quiet familiar with the quality and reputation that Pentair Aquatic Systems continually delivers in the way of their products designed for swimming pools. This company manufactures several varieties of high-quality pool products. Some of these include high-performance automation systems, pumps, lights, filters, heaters and more.

The Pentair MasterTemp 400 pool heater is available in three models that include~

The Pentair 460736

This is the standard model that features a copper heat-exchanger

The Pentair 460805

This is the heavy-duty model with a copper-nickel exchanger designed to work in the harshest applications such as high, flow, low pH or heavy-use

The Pentair 460775

An ASME Certified model, this version features an increased durability and components that are more resistant like thicker metal headers and a CU {copper nickel} heat exchanger

What You Need To Know About The Pentair MasterTemp 400

The Pentair MasterTemp 400 is a natural-gas pool heater and is regarded as one of the longer-lasting, reliable and energy-efficient choices for homeowners today. It was designed with the purpose of being user-friendly and features a rotating digital-display that offers extremely easy monitoring and operation.

This model is ultra-quiet which means the pump will not produce noise pollution like so many other models on the market today. The control-panel on the heater displays the temperature of the water and the 5 LED lights provide the system-status of the pool heater which will indicate when the heater is in need of a service.

When you are deciding to invest in a superior pool heater you should always keep in mind the materials that make up the product as well as the pool type you own. Certain materials are able to perform well in a salt water pool environment when compared to others. For instance, the Pentair MasterTemp 400 is constructed out of a copper-nickel or cupronickel alloy that is far more durable when compared to the standard copper due to the added nickel that results in a drastic improvement in corrosion resistance and overall strength.

Copper-nickel is usually utilized in marine applications as it has an outstanding resistance when it comes to sea water corrosion. The bottom line means that the Pentair MasterTemp 400 HD will last much longer than the standard copper version but also comes with a higher price. This is the obvious trade-off when you invest in a pool heat in regards to the cost versus durability.

Pool heaters are expensive to begin with. Most are over the $2000 price range. Anything lower than this usually is only suitable for smaller pools and will only provide moderate heat. This is ok for warmer climates but not for anyone is a cold state that only gets a few good months in the summer, and even at that doesnt get really hot that often. So there is much to say for investing a few hundred more for a superior heater. Even in California it is nice to have a MasterTemp heater because you can even use the pool during the winter, and also on windy days!